Stellwerk on Mac/Mac Book

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Stellwerk on Mac/Mac Book

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Dear Everyone, I have downloaded Java 8 and the Stellwerk chat programme. I can log onto the website, and chose an interlocking . However, when I choose to play offline for practice (being new) the interlocking appears to open but I cannot see the track diagram, although I can hear the sounds of a bell and a telephone. Now, either I am doing something fundamentally wrong, or the game will not work on a Mac/Mac Book. I have no problems on my Windows desktop. Is there an answer?
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Re: Stellwerk on Mac/Mac Book

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Hello there,

try to maintain the window of the "Kommunikator" open in your Finder and as soon as the Stellwerk opens click on the STS-icon in the dock. Then the window with the Stellwerk should appear.

If that doesn't help, try to relog once. If it still doesn't work, please write again on the forums.

Best regards, TrainsAndOtherStuff
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