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Sticky post for useful informations

Beitrag von FrancoisH »

Hello there,

I do like this simulator so much but, ad my German is really really bad (I only speak English or French), I would like to know if you could make a sticky post with useful informations in English, like maybe a video in English, or some clue about how the interface is working (as I'm a bit lost with all the buttons on the top).

Feel free to tell me if I ask for something I shouldn't.

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Re: Sticky post for useful informations

Beitrag von Ebkor »

Hi FrancoisH

Sorry for my late answering.

Making a video about how the whole simulator works is not possible for me, but of course I can answer you specific questions.
Of special interest for you seems to be the top menu, so I try to explain these functions to you (please note: as I am not working in the railway business I also don't know some of the specific names, therefore I am going to write this as easy as possible).

English switch: By selecting a switch (pressing the grey button in it) and afterwords click Weiche you can manually change the direction of the switch. You can use this e.g. if a signal is not working properly and you have to plan the way manually.

ErsGT (Ersatzsignal)
Sometimes a signal is not working correct. ErsGT may help, because it shows the drain driver that this signal is invalid, but he can pass with reduced speed.

Sh (Rangiersignal)
These are special signals for shunting. You can activate these signals like other signals, but it becomes a shunting signal if you did click at least one grey signal button. Sh manually deletes these shunting signals, sometimes you need this during shunting.

FS auflösen
You can manually delete a green signal by first pressing on the red button of the signal and afterwords clicking FS auflösen. This allows you to chose another way with this signal or activate another signal.

SP löschen
There is a memory function for signals. If a signal is already green, you can fill it's memory with a second information, so the signal will become green once again after the first one. This memory can be deleted by first pressing the red button of the signal and afterwards SP löschen.

Auto FS rot/grün
English rot=red, grün=green: These two functions are quite similar. You can tell a signal to go to green if possible (which means there is no train between this and the next signal) with Auto FS grün. Auto FS rot is almost the same, but the signal will stay red as long as the signal in front of your choosen signal is red too. When the signal in front of your choosen signal becomes green, the choosen signal will become green too. Please note, this is not possible for all signals!

man. gl. FS
It is not possible to activate Auto FS rot/grün at every signal, e.g. if there is a switch in between the signals. If you still want to activate Auto FS rot (grün is not possible) you can first click man. gl. FS, then clicking both signals at the beginning and the end within 5 seconds.

Auto FS aus
By choosing a signal and then clicking Auto FS aus, you can deactivate the Auto FS rot/grün function for this signal.

UFGT (Umfahrgruppentaste)
Sometimes it is possible to take several ways between two signals. Normally one is defined as default, so by clicking both signals you always get the same way. If you want your train to take a different way, you first have to actuate all the switches in the desired position, and then before clicking the two signals press UFGT. If this way is possible, the next train (and only the next train) will take this way.

Bü (Bahnübergang)
English level crossing: A Bü is a grey button within the tracks. If you want a train to pass this level crossing, you see two lights flashing and hear the sound. By first choosing the Bü inside the tracks and afterwards clicking the Bü button on the top menu you can close the gates and the train can pass.

Sometimes your neighbour (or the server) is asking you if it is ok to give you a new train. You will recognice this in a similar way as with level crossings, but the lights will be underneath a button, often named like the direction of which the train is coming. You can allow or refuse this by pressing annehmen or löschen.

Disp lösch
By choosing a display first and then clicking on Disp lösch you can manually clear the content of the display.

I hope I was able to help you.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask again.

Kind regards,