KVB: Porz & Zundorf Map

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KVB: Porz & Zundorf Map

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Although I know some German my knowledge is not perfect so I hope I can be understood if I post here. If not then I will try my basic German in another part of the forum! :wink:

I see that the map for Neumarkt and Deutz (Stadtbahn-NRW :arrow: KVB-K-Neumarkt-Deutz) goes only has far as Raffeisenstrasse on the line to Porz and Zundorf. However I have decided, for fun, to draw up a rough idea of how the map would look in the style of the modern computer-based control used here in England. But in order to do that I need a map showing the remainder of the route from Raffeisenstrasse to Zundorf. I also note, however, that a map is under construction for KVB/SWB Wesseling.

Am I right in thinking that, when completed, the KVB/SWB Wesseling map will include Raffeisenstrasse to Zundorf? Or will Raffeisenstrasse to Zundorf be separate? I notice it is not on the map for Troisdorf / Porz.

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